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Spy text messages software for cell phones.

Discover how to spy on someone cell phone text message.

You want to spy on someone text messages or find out what your employees or your children send and receive on their cell phones?


You can start now to spy on anyone’s cell phones (iPhone or Android) for free! Use the best spy software to secretly catch all conversations, text messages, Whatsapp and Facebook of your loved, your children or your employes.


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Spy your children’s text messages, Facebook or WhatsApp conversations.

Keep an eye on your children by spying their cell phones for their security is currently the best solution to protect them. With MobiPast, you can also secretly spy on their Facebook and Whatsapp conversations. Now, most of them use social networks to chat with their friends that’s why with our powerful spy software, you will can remotely monitor all types of conversations. And MobiPast doesn’t stop here. You can also track their GPS locations, Calls, Internet history and more!

Text messages spy application for companies.

Are you really sure your employees are working at this time? Are you sure they used the money of your company for their work? With our spy SMS application, you will can remotely monitor their activities and secure your company. You will can also know secretly about what they are talking about you.

Remotely track their conversations even they’ve been deleted.

Our free tracking software for cell phones capture also text messages deleted. By this way, no messages or conversations can escape you! Your child, loved or employee will no longer have secrets for you even if they try to hide it!

A SMS text messages spy software completely invisible.

You will never be caught by spying on someone text messages with the unique spy software for cell phones MobiPast. Our advanced technology guarantees invisibility in the cell phone spying. Only you will can make appear or disappear the spyware interface with a secret key on the target phone!

MobiPast is a formidable software available for free to uncover the truth and expose the liars. Do not be deceived and discover the truth today!


By Pierre