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How to hack a Facebook account – Hacking Facebook technique

How to hack a Facebook account easily?

On Google, you just look hack a Facebook account and a multitude of websites will offer free or paid version in a “software” able to hack the password of any accounts in seconds.


Of course, if the technique was so simple, most people would not go on Facebook for fear of stealing his information, so our spy software allows you to actually retrieve the username and password of an account Facebook and it secretly without the person noticing.


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Keylogger software to capture the username and password of a Facebook account.

Do you know the principle of keylogger? This software is to capture all keystrokes made on a computer keyboard. In this way, when the person from his Facebook account credentials to connect, you can receive a copy of them without being seen.


Today, more than one computer but unfortunately uses the iPhone or smartphone to connect to Facebook, which is why our spy phones software integrates the function of keylogger that captures the username and password Facebook Account of a person without his attention.


How to install the software to hack a Facebook account?

Our software is very simple and requires no special knowledge in the field to hack a Facebook account password.


Simply install the spy software in the iPhone or Android Smartphone the victim then install the MobiPast application on your iPhone. After that, you will secretly receive email address and password used by the person to connect to his Facebook account.


Our software allows you to hack a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter account and more.


Our spy software to hack a Facebook account, you can also hack a Twitter account, a Gmail account or Instagram account yet. The software captures the username and password of a Facebook account then it also capture the password from all other accounts from the iPhone or Android smartphone.


By Pierre