Download MobiPast - Free mobile spy software for iPhone and Android
In just 5 minutes, start to remotely monitor on your children's cell phones activities.

Monitor on their cell phones' texts messages, calls, GPS locations, Facebook and Whatsapp conversations and more!

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Please verify that you have followed the steps below:

1. Download MobiPast application on your mobile device.

2. Install the monitoring software on the mobile device you want to monitor.

3. Logged in the same email account.


How to use MobiPast application

Open MobiPast application




Tap on the Calendar button




Select a day



If you monitor more than one mobile device at the same time, tap on the top right button and select a mobile device



Come back on the main screen and open each applications to view the data copy of the mobile device for the selected day



Blurred applications means that there is no data to display



Tap on the Settings icon



Select a device. You can get or edit the following informations:


Title = The name of the mobile device
Secret key = The code to make appear the monitoring software on the mobile device
Phone = The phone number of the mobile device
Passcode = The code to enter the mobile device
Monitor = Activate of deactivate the monitoring software





Frequently asked questions

· Why do I need to configure a real email account?

The monitoring software sends captured data to your email account. By this way, only you can get access to them.


· Which mobile devices must have an internet connection?

Mobile devices that you monitor and your mobile device must have an internet connection by 3G or Wifi.


· How many mobile devices can I monitor simultaneously?

You can monitor unlimited mobile devices simultaneously. You only need to install the monitoring software on each mobile devices you want to monitor.


· Can I remotely install the monitoring software?

No. You need to install manually the monitoring software on the mobile device you want to monitor.


· Is the monitoring software invisible on the mobile device that I monitor?

Yes. The monitoring software is invisible on springboard, in Cydia and everywhere.


· How can I test all the functions of your service for free?

To access all the functions of the service for free, you can simply install MobiPast application and the monitoring software on the same mobile device.